Baby Attacked By Monitor Lizard

The injured baby

ROMPIN: In a rare case, an 8-month-old baby girl suffered serious injuries after a monitor lizard attacked her at a resort workers' quarters in Pulau Tioman yesterday.

The victim's mother heard a loud noise in the kitchen at about 10 am and upon checking, was shocked to find a monitor lizard, the size of a goat, clawing her child's head.

She chased away the monitor lizard which disappeared into the undergrowth.

The woman then rushed the girl to Kampung Tekek Health Clinic before she was taken to Mersing Hospital for treatment.

Rompin District Police Chief Deputy Superintendent Johari Jahaya said the victim's father later lodged a police report at the Kampung Tekek Police Beat Base.

It is learnt that the baby was later transferred for observation at the Sultanah Aminah Hospital in Johor Bahru.

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