Rail Danger

Trespassers crossing railway tracks, ignoring the dangers for the sake of convenience.

Despite repeated warnings, many are still taking short cuts across railway tracks and putting their lives in danger

KUALA LUMPUR: Despite repeated warnings, those living near Keretapi Tanah Melayu Bhd (KTMB) railway tracks are still trespassing and dicing with death daily, crossing the tracks as a short cut home.

A Streets check recently found the illegal crossing of railway tracks was common among those living in the outskirts of the city.
Of a number of areas surveyed in the Klang Valley, sightings of trespassers were most common near Segambut, Kepong, Kepong Sentral, Sungai Buloh and Pantai Dalam where railway tracks run near and deep into squatter and residential areas.
In many of these spots, the perimeter fencing were in bad condition. Some sections were missing while others showed signs of neglect and vandalism.

Part of a barbed wire fence, stretching 10 panels, was run down into the ground near the Honda Body and Auto Part centre, under the Jalan Segambut flyover barely 100m from the Komuter station.
Many migrant workers were among those crossing the tracks near the Segambut Komuter station.

Migrant worker Ridhwan Abdullah was seen crossing from a vacant plot overgrown with lalang on the Sungai Buloh-bound track before getting onto the city-bound side. He had a 4-year-old toddler in tow.

The two were going to fish in Sungai Keroh which ran under the flyover. They were among 15 people spotted crossing the tracks during our checks.
Ridhwan, 40, said it was faster to cross the tracks, compared with using the proper crossing.

He said if he wanted to get across the road to where the Petronas pump station and Tan Chong Motors are on the city-bound route of Jalan Segambut, he would have to take two flights of stairs.

It is the same if he needed to take the city-bound train.

"I would have to walk up the stairs at the cemetery. Then when I reach the train station I would have to get on to the pedestrian bridge, walk up and down the stairs to get onto the platform for the KL-bound train."

"Crossing at the tracks means I do not have to go through the cemetery and climbing the stairs. It is much faster," said the labourer.

Another trespasser, Suria Saari, was seen crossing the tracks from Taman Sri Sinar to Taman Sri Segambut with her 6-year-old son.

To get to the crossing at Taman Sri Segambut, they brazenly cut through a Tenaga Nasional reserve land and walked under several electrical towers and a network of cables.

"I use the path to visit my relatives at Sri Sinar which is across the road from the tracks running through Sri Segambut.

"It takes me 15 minutes. If I did not take the tracks it would take me 40 minutes," she said, adding that her relative lived near the tracks.

Streets observed that many squatter houses had been built near the fences or on railway reserve land at the tracks near Taman Sri Segambut here. The fences had either been removed or were weakened by lalang and cultivated plants such as tapioca.

Some residents of Taman Sri Sinar and Taman Sri Segambut also took advantage of the tracks to access the fenced TNB reserve land to grow fruit and vegetables.

Streets also spotted, Kassim, a 33-year-old Bangladeshi labourer lying on the tracks to ease his back and leg pains.

He said he and his friends who worked at construction sites often laid on the tracks when they had aches and pains as the mild currents which ran through the tracks had "healing and therapeutic properties".

"We can't afford to consult doctors or to get massages. This is the next best thing," said the labourer who lived near the tracks.

Source: http://www.nst.com.my

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Niena Pengembara Ilahi said...

malangnya masih ramai yg xsyg nyawa...ibu bapa pn tnjuk cth kt anak2

man said...

kebiasaannya macam tuu... selagi tak kena pada diri @ keluarga sendiri.

MaYa MustWany said...

bahaya nya.teringat ada kes dulu (kalau tak silap kat indonesia) siap baring ramai-ramai knon dapat pulihkan penyakit.hemm.macam2.

man said...

tuu bukan nak pulihkan penyakit... tapi nak bunuh diri.

Anis anak wong said...

BM xde keh ? hehe

man said...

nanti...kalau ada byk masa terluang boleh tambah lagi 1 blog dalam bahasa melayu pula.


ngeri lah . macam2 berita ada kan, terbunuh dekat rail mcmni:( saja cari maut atau memang tak hati2...

man said...

berita sekadar angin lalu... tak ambil iktibar.

ILA HonEyBuNNy said...

pelikk kan...selalau tgk diorg shortcut macam ne dkt real ketapi...xsyg nyawa betul la..

man said...

kerana fikir nak cepat aje.

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