Sarawak Coal Mine Blast

Fire and Rescue Department forensic personnel inspecting the coal mine area after the explosion.
KUCHING: The three foreign workers who died in the coal mine blast in Selantik, Pantu, Sri Aman, about 130km here, have been identified, according to Sri Aman police chief DSP Mat Jusoh Mohammad on Sunday. 

He said the deceased were identified as Tun Tun Win, 36, from Myanmar, North Korean Pang Chung-hyok, 29, and Indonesian Kardianto, 38, adding that their remains were at the Sri Aman hospital.

10 Traits Found In Excellent Managers

Here are some research-based tips that can help you to lift your game, raise productivity levels, retain your employees and convert your team into highly engaged star performers:

1. Understanding personality types and unique strengths

Smart managers know that each of their team members has a unique personality. Some are extroverts, some are introverts, some like to work with numbers, others with people, some are good with ideas and others are action-seekers.

By spotting the unique personality types and strengths and assigning work that is tweaked to each style, you can get more out of your people and also be seen as a ‘manager in demand’ for your insights.

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