Stolen Drain Covers Endangering Lives

SEREMBAN: Missing drain hole covers in front of two schools in Taman Seremban Jaya here over the last two weeks have caused great concern among parents who fear for the safety of their children who pass by there daily.

Zakaria Ahmad showing one of the uncovered drains that has been filled with pieces of wood to warn people of impending danger. Pic by Nor Adila Ab Kadir

A recent check revealed that more than five covers were missing. They are believed to have been stolen.

Residents resort to placing pieces of wood and old tyres in the holes to warn others of impending danger.

However, there are still vehicles which end up in the holes, especially those of parents sending their children to school.

Resident Zakaria Ahmad, 51, said though numerous complaints were lodged, nothing has been done by the authorities to replace the covers.

He said the road was a main route to SRK Seremban Jaya and SMK Seremban Jaya 2.

Resident Azue Azuwan, 40, said people feared children and the elderly falling into the drains.

"I am upset that irresponsible people stole these covers without any regard for the safety of others, especially children, as the area is near a school.

"I suggest the authorities come up with a solution to prevent the theft of drain covers in future," added Azue.


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Mama Ema said...

bahaya bagi penunggang motosikal

man said...

memang pun..

☆*♥L@dy @yU♥*☆ said...

very danger lol
org sekarang suka sgt mencuri besi2 gini

man said...

kerana mementingkan diri sendiri..

Aleeya (Yaya) said...

the responsible party should take an immediate action, nowadays mmg ramai org suka curi besi, kabel la..aihhh pe nak jadi..

man said...

kerana nak dapat duit cara mudah..w/pun tahu ianya salah dan duit yg diperolehi drp jualan tu adalah haram..

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