ROAD SAFETY: Just Enforce Existing Traffic Rules

By Lau Bing, Subang Jaya, Selangor

I REFER to the report "Government considers jailing reckless drivers" (NST, Jan 25).

There is no point in coming up with more laws to reduce the accident rate when what we need is education.

There is no point in coming up with another new law as we have too many already. This is because Malaysians will break them as they know there is no proper enforcement.

It is a waste of taxpayers' money to make it mandatory to jail reckless drivers involved in fatal accidents.
The police and Road Transport Department have a comprehensive set of traffic rules, regulations and laws.

Under the current laws, a person responsible for a road death can be sent to jail. So, use existing laws.

What the police need to do is to send out as many traffic policemen as possible on patrol on highways and federal and state trunk roads to enforce all existing traffic laws. Those found flouting traffic regulations should be fined on the spot.

If they don't have a driving licence, confiscate the vehicle.

The police cannot say they are short of manpower, for we have read reports about the government allocating more funds to recruit policemen and improve police facilities, such as buying more vehicles.

How about using civil defence force volunteers to monitor and control traffic in towns to give  traffic policemen the time needed to  patrol the highways and trunk roads?

Here are some suggestions to reduce road fatalities:

IMPROVE road conditions;

EDUCATE  motorists, bikers and other road users to follow traffic regulations and rules like using the correct lane and  not to hog lanes;

PUT A STOP to bikers weaving in and out of traffic and to use only the motorcycle lane where available;

REDUCE the yearly registration of new cars, buses, lorries and bikes as the roads are  heavily congested;  and,

WIDENING the roads. Many highways, federal highways and trunk roads are too narrow to take the present load.


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