Some Supplements Raise Odds of Death

"The public should be careful when making their purchases so as to not risk their health.

VITAMINS should be taken only with prescriptions to avoid health complications.

Malaysia Dietitian Association president Indra Balaratnam said the public should avoid consuming these supplements in huge dosages as it could be hazardous.

Indra said health supplements were not regarded as medication and were easily available, thus encouraging the public to buy them blindly.
"If you have health concerns, then it is best to check with the doctor before you try it out.
Indra said single supplements were used to treat deficiencies, such as for people whose bodies were lacking in certain vitamins and minerals.
She said even after a doctor's prescription, the supplements should only be consumed for a specific period of time, until the deficiency stops.
"Sometimes, people buy health supplements without knowing the effect they have on their body."
However, she added that they must be knowledgeable and not rely on hearsay when making choices.
"Just because they hear about people taking a certain supplement which can boost their energy, it does not mean that they must jump on the bandwagon."
Indra advised the public to check with the World Health Organisation (WHO) over the daily limits or intake of nutrients needed by individuals according to age group.
"Most health supplement manufacturers abide by the standardised prescription by WHO and the public should avoid consuming the ones that don't."
Prince Court Hospital head dietitian Datin Dr Farah Diba Khan said the public must not take dietary supplements without a doctor's prescription because too much of these can cause death, especially among older women.
A study in the United States suggested that supplements like multivitamins, minerals, copper, zinc, iron and folic acid may actually raise the odds of death in the elderly who overdose on them.
Dr Farah Diba said supplements or vitamins of any sort should only be taken by those who lack them in their system.
"Women who are physically well and maintain a balanced diet will not need additional dietary supplements."
She said women tend to buy dietary supplements off the rack without ever knowing if their bodies truly need it.
She added that some abused the use of these supplements by consuming them without a limit.
"They should go for a thorough medical check-up first to see if they need these supplements.
"But it will still be best to maintain a healthy diet and practise a healthy lifestyle and not rely on supplements."
Deputy Health Minister Datuk Rosnah Abdul Rashid Shirlin encouraged women to consult a doctor before consuming health supplements.
"It is best to know what the body needs and not simply purchase these supplements off the shelf."
She added that the public should eat well and maintain a healthy lifestyle, and not rely on supplements to achieve healthy living.


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Ct R Miena said...

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man said...

balanced diet is a key factor...

Ann Ishak said...

put in details about transfer factor...teruja nak tau nih

man said...

each person may vary, must refer to the doctor.

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