Basic Fire Extinguisher Information

Fire experts recommend at least one for every level of your house. They come in various sizes; you’ll need to choose the size that’s right for you based on your family situation and who you think is most likely to be using it. The five pound model is probably the most popular. Extinguishers also come with designations of A, B, C, or all three.

The letter refers to what type of fire they’re best at putting out. “A” refers to ordinary materials such as paper or wood. “B” refers to highly combustible materials such as cooking oil. “C” refers to electrical fires. If the extinguisher has all three letters, it’s good for putting out any kind of fire. The letters A and B will also have a number along with them, and the higher the number, the better the extinguisher is at putting out that type of fire. There are also two kinds of valves on extinguishers: metal and plastic. The ones with metal valves are refillable after use; the ones with plastic valves are one time only disposables. Fire safety experts recommend that you keep your extinguisher near the main exit of your home. Not only does that help you remember where it is, but it also enables you to use it as you are moving from the fire, which would be true in the vast majority of cases. Some people also like to keep one in the kitchen, near the stove.

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