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The flyover has shifted by 0.5m to the left and has a 0.5m dip as well.

Questions have been raised over the project that connects the new palace to Jalan Duta followong claims that it is misaligned

KUALA LUMPUR: Questions have been raised over an uncompleted flyover connecting the new palace to Jalan Duta.

Motorists who have been plying the Jalan Duta highway have expressed concern over the safety of the flyover. They are also worried as a section of the flyover looks misaligned.

The issue has also been highlighted on blogs and Facebook.

A check by Streets recently showed that there is a dip of 0.5m and the flyover, which is located next to the Indian High Commission, has shifted 0.5m to the left.

Motorists are also questioning the delay on the completion of the flyover which should have been ready in March.
However, a notice board at the site indicated that the flyover project would be completed on May 11 this year.

It was reported that the Works Ministry had in August last year awarded the flyover project, which was estimated to cost more than RM100 million, to Ahmad Zaki Resources Bhd.

Both the Works Ministry and Ahmad Zaki Resources Bhd were unreachable for comment.

Segambut member of parliament Lim Lip Eng also questioned the delay in the project. He claimed that the project was scheduled to be completed in March.

"The project due date (March) was posted on the notice board and now they have extended the project to May.

"The delay would have incurred additional expenditure and the Works Ministry has to answer for it. The Works Ministry just can't keep digging into the taxpayers' pockets," he said.

Lim also said he had received many phone calls about the uncompleted flyover.

"The flyover looks misaligned and motorists are wondering if the structure is safe. When I contacted the Works Ministry to enquire about the project, they said the flyover was not under their jurisdiction and asked us to contact Ahmad Zaki Resources Bhd.

"The Federal Government awarded this project to the developer, so shouldn't the Works Ministry be aware of what is going on? We hope that the Works Ministry can give us an explanation about what's going on."

Lim also questioned the cost of the flyover which he claimed had escalated beyond the stipulated budget.

"We had questioned the Works Ministry last year in Parliament over the cost of the project and they said that they are unable to reveal the cost until the project is completed."

Lim said he will be raising this issue again at the next Parlimentary session in June.

"I will ask the ministry to give us its assurance that the flyover is safe and reveal the cost of the project."


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