Crumbling Jetty

Chew Jetty is the biggest waterfront settlement in George Town.

Damaged stilts and badly maintained boardwalk mar Penang's Famous Chew Jetty
GEORGE TOWN: Damaged stilts and walkway at the Chew Jetty in Weld Quay here are in dire need of repairs and maintenance.

Visitors come to the living heritage site in droves daily, and walk on the wooden boardwalk which is being supported by wobbly stilts.

A check on the site showed dangling broken stilts which have deteriorate with time.
Some dilapidated planks on the walkway are jutting out, posing danger to residents and visitors.

Despite repeated calls by the residents to repair the jetty, the authorities seem to be dragging their feet.

A banner has been put up by the residents at the entrance of the jetty calling for immediate action to address the residents' plight.

Chew Jetty Association secretary Chew Kok Wah, 43, hoped a major makeover to rehabilitate the site will start in the near future.

He wants the state and local authorities to expedite the repairs and maintenance to the boardwalk without further delay.

"We want to see the jetty to be around for the next 100 years and beyond.

"The fragile state of the jetty cannot last much longer, there is an urgency to preserve this heritage," Chew said.

He said several meetings with the state government officials and the local council to speed up the repair works had been futile.

Chew Jetty, or Seh Chew Keo, is the biggest waterfront settlement in George Town, there are seven other clan jetties.

It has been existence since the 19th century. The clan jetties were built by Chinese immigrants at the time.

Local authorities could not be contacted for comments

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