Damaged fence is dangerous for kids

Broken fence around TNB substation cannot keep children out of prohibited area. — Picture by Mahaizura Abd Malik

A BROKEN perimeter fence surrounding the Tenaga Nasional Bhd sub-station in Jalan Duku 14, in Taman Kota Masai Zone 1 in Johor Baru, is posing a danger to the public, especially those playing football in an adjacent field.
Resident Umar Madon, 56, said the damaged fence could hurt children playing in the vicinity.

He said the children might encroach into the prohibited area around the substation to get their footballs or to rest, and this could put them in harm's way.

He said it was an accident waiting to happen as it was easy for the children to get too close to the substation, adding that the field is filled with children and youths every afternoon. -- By Shenton Thomas De Silva

Source: http://www.nst.com.my/nst/articles/3socc/Article/#ixzz1HELfMaAQ


salwaismail said...

asal tak baiki je?

man said...

Pihak TNB yg bertanggungjawab utk baiki.

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