More Road Markings And Signs To Help With Safety Habits

"LOOK" road markings. Photo: LTA
SINGAPORE – As part of the Land Transport Authority’s (LTA) efforts to improve road safety for all road users, more “LOOK” road markings and “Give Way to Pedestrians” signs will be implemented in various locations around Singapore to remind pedestrians and road users of safety habits.

The transport authority said in press release today (Oct 14) that surveys and observations have encouraged them to expand the road safety features to more locations islandwide. 90 per cent of pedestrians polled in a 2012 perception survey on the “LOOK” road markings said they were indeed reminded “to look out for traffic before crossing the road”.

LTA aims to paint these road markings at about 90 zebra crossings in school zones by the fourth quarter of 2015 as it “complements the kerb drill taught in all primary schools for school children”. The kerb drill refers to the set of safety procedures that school children are taught to follow before they cross the road.

Besides school zones, 150 zebra crossings in 10 areas with high elderly populations have also been identified for implementation of the “LOOK” road markings. Works in these areas are currently ongoing since the third quarter of last year, and are targeted for completion by the first quarter of 2015, said the LTA.

"Give Way to Pedestrians" sign on a traffic light pole. Photo: LTA

For the “Give Way to Pedestrians” signs, the transport authority found that “more right turning motorists have been observed to give way to crossing pedestrians”.

The signs will be installed at six more locations by the first quarter of next year. Currently, the signs are present at three road junctions with the objective “to provide better contrast and visibility to motorists” to increase vigilance of crossing pedestrians during a right turn.

Parliamentary Secretary for Health and Transport, and Chairman of the Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Committee (PCSC), Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim said that the response from the road signs currently in place have been encouraging and showed that the features were effective in helping the public practice good road safety habits.


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