Dirty Food Factories Ordered Shut

GEORGE TOWN: AN Indian food delicacies and sweets manufacturing factory was ordered to be shut down for two weeks because of hygiene reasons by the state Health Department last week.
The factory, located in Teluk Kumbar here was fined RM400.

The department’s deputy director (security and food quality division) Ku Nafishah Ku Ariffin said the factory was seen placing handmade food items on the floor and that the ghee tins used by the workers were damaged. 

“Indians use a lot of ghee in their cooking and we were surprised to discover that the tins were damaged and no longer held their proper shape.

“Perhaps the tins were damaged on the way to the factory. However, workers are not supposed to use damaged tins and they should dispose of them immediately.

“We also caught them placing the ladoos and paal kovas on the floor without lids. The food items were exposed to the elements and workers were not wearing gloves and caps in the process of making the sweets,” Ku Nafishah said. 

A 100-year-old soybean factory in Tanjung Bungah was also ordered to close temporarily after checks were conducted at the premises. Officers found that the wooden beams used to dry fu chok (bean curd sheets) on were not stored properly. 

“The wooden beams need to be kept separately to prevent dust exposure.
“We have ordered a temporary closure and if the situation continues, we will extend the closure period,” she said.

A total of 19 premises were checked by the department last Wednesday and fines totalling RM12,650 were issued for offences such as workers who had not received typhoid vaccinations, improper food handling and unhygienic premises.

Fu chok hanging out to dry on wooden beams at a 100-year-old factory.

Source: http://www.nst.com.my
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