Safety On The Use Of Tower Cranes

Those responsible for the management of tower cranes on site should ensure that:

1. Tower cranes are erected and dismantled by competent people who have the necessary training and experience. Companies should draw up written procedures for each type of tower crane and these procedures should be based on the manufacturers instructions. These procedures should be available on site and those involved in the work be familiar with them.
2. A thorough examination of the crane is undertaken after its erection by a competent person who is sufficiently independent and impartial and is not involved in the erection process.
3. Only competent people are allowed to operate the crane.
4. Pre-use checks are carried out by the crane operator at the start of each shift to ensure that the crane has not suffered any damage or failure and is safe to be used.
5. In-service inspections are carried out by the crane operator, generally at weekly intervals, and records kept of these inspections.
6. A properly planned maintenance system is established and used. Competent people should undertake this maintenance at intervals specified by the manufacturer and records kept of the work completed including any parts that have been replaced. In general the original manufacturers parts should be used. Where parts are sourced from suppliers other than the original manufacturer a competent engineer should assess that the parts selected meet the original manufacturers specification and are fit for purpose. Any parts replaced should be installed in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.
7. Further thorough examinations are carried out by a competent person at specified intervals, after major alterations or repair or after the occurrence of exceptional circumstances which are liable to jeopardise the safety of the crane.
8. Lifting operations are properly planned and appropriately supervised.

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Cik Anis said...

follow kamu:)

man said...

saling berkongsi maklumat.

~~zana@pb~~ said...

Membalas kunjungan, nak komen apa eh? kita ni tak keje tapi dok rumah pun kena ada safety jugak kan?

man said...

memang pun..
di rumah pun ada juga perkara yang boleh mendatangkan bahaya kepada diri..

Kesuma Angsana said...

Dulu waktu En Hubby msh kerja with Com co. takut juga bila dia kena panjat tower2 cenggini... seriau... dah follow u ye man tq sbb sudi singgah blog saya

man said...

hanya orang yang kompeten sahaja boleh kendalikan tower crane.


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