Machine Guarding: Guards

Guards are physical barriers which prevent access to danger areas.

Fixed Guards

• Permanent part of the machine.

• Not dependent upon moving parts to perform its intended function.

• Constructed of sheet metal, screen, wire cloth, bars, plastic, or other substantial material

• Usually preferable to all other types because of its relative simplicity and permanence.

Interlocked Guards

• When opened or removed, the tripping mechanism and/or power automatically shuts off or disengages

• Machine cannot cycle or be started until the guard is back in place

• Electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, or pneumatic power

• Replacing the guard should not automatically restart the machine

Adjustable Guards

• Allow flexibility in accommodating various sizes of stock

Self-adjusting Guards

Openings are determined by the movement of stock

- Guard is pushed away as stock is introduced

- Opening is only large enough to admit the stock

- Guard returns to rest position after stock passes through.

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