Using a Fume Hood

A fume hood carries away vapors from reagents or reactions you may be working with. Using a fume hood correctly will reduce your personal exposure to potentially harmful fumes or vapors. When using a fume hood, keep the following in mind.
  • Place equipment or reactions as far back in the hood as is practical. This will improve the efficiency of fume collection and removal. 
  • Turn on the light inside the hood using the switch on the outside panel, near the electrical outlets.
  • The glass sash of the hood is a safety shield. The sash will fall automatically to the appropriate height for efficient operation and should not be raised above this level, except to move equipment in and out of the hood. Keep the sash between your body and the inside of the hood. If the height of the automatic stop is too high to protect your face and body, lower the sash below this point. Do not stick your head inside a hood or climb inside a hood.
  • Wipe up all spills immediately. Clean the glass of your hood, if a splash occurs.  
  • When you are finished using a hood, lower the sash to the level marked by the sticker on the side.

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