Elevator Safety Tips

When waiting for elevators:

·         Know your destination.
·         Push the elevator call button once for the direction you want to go in.
·         Look and listen for the signal announcing your car’s arrival.

·         Be aware of health conditions that could contribute to falls or accidents.
·         Stand clear of the elevator doors and stand aside for exiting passengers.
·         If the arriving car is full, wait for the next car.
·         Don’t attempt to maneuver in or stop closing doors, wait for the next car.
·         In the event of a fire or other situation that could lead to a disruption in electrical services, take the stairs.

When boarding elevators:

·         Watch your step – the elevator car may not be perfectly level with the floor.
·         Stand clear of the doors – keep clothes and carry-ons away from the opening.
·         Hold children and pets firmly.
·         Passengers nearest to the doors should move first when the car arrives.
·         Push and hold the DOOR OPEN button if doors need to be held open, or ask someone to push the button for you.
·         Never try to stop a closing door, wait for the next car.
·         Once on board, quickly press the button for your floor and move to the back of the car to make room for other passengers.

When riding elevators:

·         Hold the handrail, if available.
·         Stand next to the elevator wall, if available.
·         Pay attention to the floor indications.
·         If the doors do not open when the elevator stops, push the DOOR OPEN button.

When exiting elevators:

·         Exit immediately at your floor. Do not wait for others behind you.
·         Do not push the people in front of you when exiting.
·         Watch your step – the elevator car may not be perfectly level with the floor.

In the event of an elevator emergency:

·         If the elevator should ever stop between floors, do not panic. There is plenty of air in the elevator.
·         Never climb out of a stalled elevator.
·         Use the ALARM or HELP button, the telephone or the intercom to call for assistance.
·         Above all, wait for qualified help to arrive and never try to leave an elevator that has not stopped normally.
·         Emergency lighting will come on in the event of a power failure.

Source: http://www.neii.org
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