Emergency Drill For Monorail Staff

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Rescue and Fire Department personnel carry out rescue works during the drill.
KUALA LUMPUR: The situation was a drill to test RapidKL's emergency response procedure (ERP).
The one-hour exercise had 39 passengers a lighting the last train.
Staff at the station alerted the driver and control centre of the threat after receiving a call from an anonymous man about the threat on the platform.
Station staff instructed the commuters to leave the station after alerting the police.

The area was immediately cordoned off.
By then, the fire and rescue department were already taking victims to safety.

In the staged explosion, two "victims" were killed, and six others were in critical condition.

An "onlooker" said she heard an explosion from her flat located a few hundred metres from the station.
Syarikat Prasarana Negara Bhd ERP exercise director Jaafar Md Amin said the drill was important to prepare the staff for life-threatening situations and to work with other authorities during an emergency.

"The other agencies involved were the Civil Defence Department, City Hall, Kuala Lumpur Hospital and Malaysian Red Crescent.

"This exercise is aimed to test our standard operation procedures and coordination with the authorities in emergency cases.

"The police, for instance, will set up their own operations centre at the site to ensure that directives and information at the site are managed effectively.

"We will coordinate at the station including shutting down the system while rescue efforts are being carried out."

KL StarRail Sdn Bhd chief operating officer Abdul Hadi Amran said it was important that the public follow instructions from the station staff.

"Be alert during such situations as it could save your life.

Those around the area will be asked to leave the station immediately.

"The coach drivers are trained to control the commuters and accommodate the evacuation process. We will shut down the system in such situations and only resume operations after getting the green light from the police and rescue department," said Hadi.

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