A first-aid room is to be provided where there are more than 150 employees.

The room should be large enough to hold a couch and still have space for people to move about. There should be an emergency lighting in the room.

The walls, floor and ceiling should be of material which does not collect dust and is easily cleaned. Floors should be of non-slip material.

Privacy must be ensured, by obscuring windows if necessary.

Temperature and humidity should be maintained at a comfortable level.
It should also be clearly identified as a first-aid room by means of a sign.

When choosing a site for a first-aid room, bear in mind the following factors:
  •  proximity to toilets
  •  proximity to lifts and main passageways which are wide enough to allow a stretcher, wheelchair or carrying chair through
  • accessibility to work areas
  • accessibility to car park, so as to facilitate transfer of injured persons to an ambulance
Items in First-Aid Room
The items that should be provided in a first-aid room are as listed below.
Recommended Facilities For A First-Aid Room

The following should be provided in a first-aid room:
  • sink with running potable water
  • paper towels
  • smooth-topped working surfaces
  • adequate supply of sterile dressings and other materials for wound treatment
  • stretcher(s)
  • splints
  • clinical thermometer
  • a couch with pillow and blanket
  • a suitable store for first-aid equipment
  • soap and nail brush
  • clean garments for use by first-aiders
  • suitable refuse container
  • pocket mask
  • adult cervical collar
  • torch light
  • portable oxygen set - 2 sets
In addition a few chairs should be provided close to the first-aid room if workers have to wait for treatment.

Source: A Guide To First-Aid Facilities In The Workplace
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