Why don't m-cyclists put safety first?

THE fact that motorcyclists are still riding without helmets despite repeated reminders (Streets, June 6) shows that road safety culture is still lacking in our community.
It is a poor reflection of the motorcyclists' attitude towards safety.

Streets should be commended for once again highlighting this problem which exists daily on our roads.

It is also a common sight to see helmets are not properly belted on those who do wear them, which is just as good as not wearing them.

It is not a question of riding without helmets but the other issue of having no respect for the law, and for their own safety, probably because of their impatience.

It makes me wonder why so many of our motorcyclists are gambling with their lives and dicing with death when crossing road junctions after the traffic light has turned red.

These individuals often carry pillion riders who also include small children sandwiched in between.

I wonder whether these people ever value their lives and that of their children.

This is a daily occurrence. Based on my observations, more than 50 per cent of our motorcyclists beat the red light when they come to traffic junctions. They seem to be in such haste and impatient.

If we had our enforcement officers stationed near the traffic junctions, many will be caught in the act.

But this is besides the point.

The question is why so many of our motorcyclists do not respect the law (traffic lights), to the extent of risking their lives and that of their loved ones.

A survey should yield interesting results.

But the most important question is why there are so many Malaysians, when on the roads, choose not to value their own lives.

As someone who is very much involved in safety, it pains me to see that every year we have more than 6,000 deaths on the roads, and the majority of the victims are the errant motorcyclists.

National Institute Of Occupational
Safety & Health

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