C. Kesavan guiding Gan Siew Leng on how to use a fire extinguisher to douse a fire. With them are Michael Tay (centre), teachers and students of SMK Sri Tebrau. 

SMK Sri Tebrau students learn life-saving tips during a fire drill

ABOUT 800 students participated in a fire drill organised by the Parent-Teacher Association of SMK Sri Tebrau, Johor Baru, and the school's Fire Unit recently.

The fire drill was held at the school with assistance from the Johor Baru Fire and Rescue Department.

The Fire Unit coordinator Michael Tay said the exercise was meant to train the students to react safely during a fire or emergency.
"I hope the students will observe the proper procedures taught by the department," he said.

School deputy headmistress Gan Siew Leng said the annual exercise saw firemen and rescue officers showing the students the safety steps to follow in the event of a fire.

Firemen bringing down one of the ‘victims’ from the double-storey school building.

Johor Baru Fire and Rescue Department operations officer C. Kesavan said the drill featured firemen rescuing six victims from a blazing school building.

The drill started after the school authorities sounded the bell to signal an emergency evacuation. This was followed by students from various parts of the school buildings evacuating in an orderly manner and queuing at the school field.

A fire engine arrived shortly, with several firemen quickly preparing to reach the top floor of the double-storey building using a ladder.
They rescued two students who were taken to the ground floor before they were brought to a safe location on stretchers.

While the two students were being rescued, other firemen were seen dousing several blazes that broke out around the building.

A fire "victim", Mark Chang, 14, said, this was his first experience in a fire drill.

Firemen placing the ‘victim’ on a stretcher and rendering first aid.

"I was scared and excited while being carried down the ladder.

"Now, I know what to do in the event of a fire," he said.

He gleefully said he wanted to play the role of a "victim" again if he had another chance as it was exhilarating.

Another "victim", Lim Chen Peng, 15, who was trapped in a burning classroom, said she was very scared as she did not know what to do after seeing a cloud of red smoke shrouding the building.

"After the fire drill, I am now more prepared,"

Kesavan also conducted a fire response exercise for teachers where they extinguished the fire from a metal drum. The exercise demonstrated that a fire extinguisher, rather than water, could quickly put out the flame.

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misz athiqah said...

wah!!!!..latihan kbakaram..=).. ingat masa skolah dulu...hehe..penting latihan dah lupa cara camne nak guna pmadam kbakaran tue..

man said...

majikan kita boleh mohon kepada pihak bomba utk bagi latihan memadam kebakaran kepada staff.

niena shopping2u said...

igt blk latihan kebakaran kt asrama dlu.. xmo turun nyorok.. hehe

man said...

nasib baik latihan...kalau bunyi siren betul menyesal tak sudah.

niena shopping2u said...

ye,segalanya bermula dri hati

man said...

ia mencorak kehidupan kita...

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