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Residents living near the Gurney Paragon project complain of noise and dust pollution

GEORGE TOWN: Some 100 residents of Gurney Park Condominium have signed a petition urging the Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP) to look into the noise pollution coming from a nearby construction project.

Gooi Hsiao Leung, who is acting as their legal adviser, said the residents have found it difficult to live with the noise coming from the Gurney Paragon project site in Gurney Drive.
He said the residents had made numerous complaints to MPPP on the matter, but claimed that there had been no response from the local authority.
In the petition, which was delivered to the MPPP office yesterday, the residents stated that the noise and the dust as raised by the construction works had greatly diminished their quality of life.

Gooi said the residents had also learnt that the developer Hunza Properties Bhd's permit to work until 10pm daily had expired on May 2 (last Monday).

"The residents want MPPP to consider their grievances before making a decision to extend Hunza's permit to work beyond 6pm daily and on Sundays and public holidays," he said.

Gooi said the residents were also concerned about their safety, especially after two major road collapses -- one in Jalan Kelawai, adjacent to their car park building on July 2, 2009, and one in Lorong Kelawai in June last year.

"Even though Hunza has attempted to rectify the damage, cracks on the roads keep reappearing.
There are also cracks appearing to parts of our car park building and swimming pool," the residents said.

The residents are also urging MPPP to reconsider any decision to allow developer Etika Cekap, which is working on the construction of Baby G Hotel, also near their condominium, to work beyond 6pm daily.

One of the residents, who wished to be known as Tan, 50, said it had been a living nightmare at the condominium since the RM450 million super condominium project began.

"There is this constant noise banging in your head and it is really annoying. It drives me crazy.

"You cannot hear the television. You cannot do anything.

"It is a living nightmare," said Tan, who is retired and has been living at the condominium for four years.

Gooi said they would see how MPPP responded to the petition.

"We hope prompt action is taken. If necessary, we will follow it up with a dialogue with the MPPP president (Patahiyah Ismail)," he said.


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