OSH Info: Adverse Health Effect due to Ergonomic Risk from Standing Work

Improper design of standing workstation may create risks to the employee’s body system due to:

  • Localised fatigue that can cause pain and discomfort to the muscles of the back, neck and shoulders; and the joints of the knees, ankles, hips, shoulders, and elbows.

  • General fatigue that results in reduced physical ability to perform a task. It also can reduce the concentration level of employees.

  •  Overexertion to the musculoskeletal system.

  •  Injuries to the employee such as slipped disc, tendonitis, sprained back, and others.

Source: Guidelines On Occupational Safety and Health For Standing At Work


srikandi cinta said...

what about our eyes?? i like to stay about five to nine hours a day in front of laptop.. what will happen if i continously doing this habit??

man said...

Every 1 hour you take five, you can see another object.
The effect different to anyone and there is long-term effect.
If happen to you because your job duty, you must be refer to Occpational Health Doctor (OHD.

nelly said...

selalu duduk 24 jam depan komputer ~

man said...

selalulah melihat pandangan hijau keindahan alam.

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