Lung Diseases

Lung diseases once primarily found in industrialised countries are now major problems in low- and middle-income countries

BREATHING is essential to life, but lung health is less recognised as a key health indicator compared to other factors such as blood pressure or weight.
Millions of people struggle for life and breath due to lung diseases such as tuberculosis (TB), asthma, pneumonia, lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Regardless of gender and socio-economic background, lung diseases take the heaviest toll on the poor, the elderly and the young, as well as the weak.

The big four

According to the Healthy Ministry (based on discharge diagnosis 2009-2011), the four most common types of lung diseases that affect Malaysians are pneumonia (40 per cent), asthma (20 per cent), COPD (11.5 per cent) and TB (8 per cent).

These are the Big Four of lung diseases, and most of them are caused by various factors such as urbanisation, living conditions, unhealthy lifestyles and hazards at the workplace.

Risk factors

Infectious and non-infectious lung diseases are triggered by multiple factors. Stress, lack of sleep or living in a crowded or poorly ventilated house or in an extreme weather condition (too hot or too cold) will weaken one’s immunity system, thus making the person vulnerable to illness.
He says children and the elderly as well as those with existing health conditions such as asthma or uncontrolled diabetes and HIV are more prone to lung diseases.

Smoking remains a major factor that destroys one’s lung. It will aggravate the conditions of a person with existing illness such as asthma.

Tips for taking care of your lungs

1. Stop smoking.
2. Practise a healthy lifestyle. Eat well and be active.
3. Improve living conditions. Make sure your house has proper ventilation system.
4. Make sure to use personal protective equipment when working in a place that has potential hazards to health (e.g. industrial emissions).
5. Manage your diabetes.
6. Seek early treatment if you experience chronic cough for two weeks, night sweats, unexplained weight loss or other symptoms that you’re unsure of.

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